About Software Specialties
    WizEdit - The Character Editor for Wizardry 7 - NOW FREE!
     Wiz7Item - Item Viewer  for Wizardry 7
    Wiz7NPC - NPC/Monster Viewer  for Wizardry 7
    Wiz1Edit - The Character Editor for Wizardry 1 - UWA - NOW FREE!
    Cover ads with WindowShadez™   Giving away 100 copies (Since Jan 2016) ... better hurry, only 99 left (as of Aug 2016)
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    Wiz FAQs
   Wiz 8 Q&As with Linda Currie
    Purchase Wizardry Titles on Steam

    Lee Gaskins/GVisuals

    Snafaru's Wizardry fan page
    Prepare yourself for the ultimate in fantasy games
    Cube Wars

Funny T-Shirts and stuff!
    The Unitard  - Artwork by Kyle Rice
    The Minotard  - Artwork by Kyle Rice
    House Rose - Forum Lobby
    '97 Cabernet - Wizardry 8 Forum
    '92 Merlot - Wizardry 7 Forum
    '86 Dom Perignon - Wizardry 6 Forum
    '81 Chardonnay - Wizardry 1 Forum
    '84 Meritage - Other Sir-tech Titles Forum
    White Wine Spritzer - Wizards & Warriors Forums

     Gorror's Delight

     Topless Barlone

     Bane Items List (for hex editing)

     Bane Items List (the *nearly* complete package)

     Wiz 7 maps (in .gif format)

    Wizardry Music (zipped)   Courtesy of Ronin
     Wizardry® Gold 1.1a1- patch for the "100 in all skills" bug 
     Wizardry® VII- CoDS - pentium patch

    Mo'Slo version.1.2 © Dr.David's Super Crispy Software

    &  by David Perrell (or get the latest version here)

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